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When you are purchasing a metal roofing system, it is important to make sure the coatings and substrates match the long-term performance needs and expectations. Alpine Roofing Construction has more than 20 years of experience as a Dallas Metal Roofing Company. There are a wide variety of steel substrates and coatings available in the marketplace. The wrong choice, however, can reduce the life of the metal roofing and impact your expectations. For long-term customer satisfaction and performance, the combination of Galvalume® substrate and Kynar 500® (PVDF) coating will give the best long-term outcome for your Metal Roofing Systems.

The most popular steel substrates in the metal roofing systems and siding industry are Galvanized and Galvalume. Galvanized substrates are coated in zinc, while Galvalume substrates are coated with an alloy of zinc plus aluminum. Both Galvalume and Galvanized are good substrates for metal panels and Metal Roofing Systems.

With Galvanized substrates, the greater the amount of zinc the greater the protection against panel corrosion. Two commonly used Galvanized substrates are designated as G100 and G60. These designations relate to the total amount of zinc contained on both sides of the panel surfaces. G100 contains 1.0 ounce of zinc for every one square foot of panel while G60 substrates contain 0.6 ounces of zinc. The important fact to consider is that a G100 substrate contains 66% more protective zinc than a G60 substrate. This difference will have a direct correlation to panel longevity and long-term aesthetics of your project.

For most metal roofing systems applications, Galvalume substrates offer the best long-term solution, and Galvalume’s superior performance has been proven in the field. Over four decades of testing has proven that Galvalume delivers superior corrosion resistance compared to Galvanized panels. In fact, Galvalume’s performance in the construction industry has been so superior, that steel mills warranty it against rupture, perforation, or failure due to corrosion. Similar warranties do not exist for Galvanized.

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