Commercial Roof Maintenance in Dallas & Throughout DFW

Commercial Roof Maintenance in Dallas & Throughout DFW

Your commercial roofing system is a huge investment, and maintaining the life of that investment is important. Alpine Roofing Construction’s commercial maintenance team is experienced and skilled at what they do. Their job is to not just catch any potential issue but to make sure your roof lasts as long as possible.

Our standards are second to none, and our roofing maintenance services meet and exceed the requirements that manufacturers have.

We understand that there are special challenges working in Texas and Oklahoma. Between the extreme summer heat and the strong storms, roofs can really be affected. However, we know exactly what to do to help your roofing system withstand the elements.

Regular inspections are important to maintain the life of your commercial roof. A thorough inspection by a licensed commercial roofing technician may reveal a deteriorated aging roof, storm damage, or damage from other contractors. A commercial roofing system should be inspected annually to properly maintain the manufactures warranty.

Regular Commercial Roof Maintenance is Critical

Rapid temperature changes can cause your roofing system as with all materials to expand and contract, also known as thermal movement. Thermal movement can cause excessive wear and tear on all of your roofing system components. In most cases, if you have had a roofing system installed by a reputable contractor in the past twenty (20) years, it is under a Manufacturer (NDL) No Dollar Limit Labor and Material Warranty. With NDL Warranties, you are required to maintain your roofing system by a Certified Contractor of the Manufacturer. IF YOU DO NOT MAINTAIN YOUR ROOFING SYSTEM IT WILL VOID YOUR NDL WARRANTY.

Four important maintenance requirements by the Manufacturer to keep your valuable warranty:

  1. Clean your roofing system twice a year to remove foreign debris that could be hiding damage or that will allow water into the system. Inspection of the roof is required by a Certified Contractor.
  2. Pressure wash your roofing system every other year to remove all dirt and debris. In order to make inspections successful, this is an NDL requirement.
  3. Visual Inspections include monitoring, bullets in the roof, pitch pan sealant erosion, deteriorating urethane sealant, punctures in the roof, airborne debris damage, acids, oils and chemicals on the surface, contaminates, molds, fungi, bacteria, spores, mycotoxins along with many other conditions that need to be monitored.
  4. Repair as per Manufacturer Requirements to maintain your NDL Labor and Material Warranty. This must be documented!

To review the Nation’s leading Manufacturer Warranty Language please follow the links below:

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