Flat Roofs vs. Pitched or Sloped Roofs

It’s fair to say that every building needs a roof. While you have countless options for what goes over your head, you can reduce roofing styles to two categories: flat and pitched (or sloped). When you make choices about your roof, you first need to decide between these two options. To help you do that,… Read more

What You Should Know Before Replacing Your Roof

Every building eventually needs a new roof. Whether you own a commercial building or you need a new roof on your home, Alpine Roofing Construction is here to help. We replace roofs every day. We have a wide array of options for you, and we provide professional services at every step of the process. Before… Read more

Steel vs. Copper Roofing (Pros & Cons)

We can all agree that having a roof is important, right? But many homeowners and business owners want to know what kind of roof is the best. The truth is that you have a ton of viable options, so you’re better off looking at side-by-side comparisons. Today, we’re pitting steel and copper roofs against each… Read more

How to Maintain a Metal Roof

Having a metal roof is great in a few important ways. You know it’s tough, and because of that, you don’t have to worry that some gusty breeze is going to pull away chunks of your roof. It provides a great sense of security. Also, metal roofs don’t require a ton of maintenance. For the… Read more

What Is the Best Material for a Flat Roof?

Flat roofs can be made from a lot of different materials. While there isn’t an absolute best material for all circumstances, there are four materials you should learn about first. Read this blog to learn about the best flat roof materials and to get information to help you determine which is best for your specific… Read more

What Is the Best Metal Roofing Material?

Metal roofs are strong and last a long time. They provide a security and dependability that is unmatched by any other roofing material. However, even if you know that you want a metal roof, you still have some choices to make.  There are plenty of different metals and alloys that can be used on a… Read more

TPO vs. EPDM Roofing

The decisions you make regarding the building’s roofing will bear an impact on the daily operation of the building and hold many consequences for many years. Two of the most popular types of commercial roofing are TPO roofing and EPDM roofing. These are industry standards, and for good reason. If you’re deciding between the two… Read more

3-Tab Shingles vs Architectural Shingles

Every building needs a roof. That much is obvious, but as soon as you get into choosing the roofing materials, things can get complicated. There are more roofing materials than you want to count, and each offers unique pros and cons. Even when you try to simplify and just look at one type of roofing… Read more

How to Patch a Roof

A leaky roof represents a lot of work and hassle, and left alone, it can culminate in catastrophe. The last thing you want is to have a leak letting water through. You need the means to resolve a leak, and the sooner you can do it, the better. Patching a roof is usually not the… Read more

Signs of Wind Damage on Your Roof

When severe weather rolls through, high winds can inflict serious damage on residential and commercial roofs. That’s why, when the storm is over and the sky is clear, it’s critical that you visually inspect your roof for signs of wind damage.  If your area recently had a severe weather event, keep an eye out for… Read more