3 Important Roofing Codes Each Homeowner Should Know

There are rules in the roofing industry to guarantee a prolonged roof life span and performance. Each homeowner or building owner should familiarize themselves on these three important roofing codes, despite how experienced their contractor is. Because knowledge about the roof over your head always pays off, especially since it’s the leading protection you have… Read more

Tips for Choosing Metal Roof Substrates

Everyone needs a bit of help when it comes to choosing their roof components, especially those who are about to install a metal roof for the first time. One of the most important parts of a metal roofing system is its substrates. There are two types of substrates: the open framing and solid substrates. Alpine… Read more

The Pitfalls of a Damaged Commercial Roof Envelope

It’s not always easy to maintain commercial roofs, but without proper care, your roof will most likely develop damage in crucial areas like the roof envelope, which is the barrier between the roof and the interior parts of the building. Alpine Roofing Construction, one of the leading commercial roofers, discusses how a damaged roof envelope… Read more

4 Ways to Protect Your Roof from Moisture Damage

Moisture damage is one of the leading causes of premature roof replacement. Water, regardless of its form, generally causes wood decay and is a catalyst for metal corrosion. Its destructive power doesn’t always have an immediate effect, but it ultimately renders non-resistant construction elements structurally unsound in the end. There’s no escaping the specter of… Read more

Understanding Basic Commercial Roof Drainage Systems

Proper drainage is key to commercial roof longevity. However, the flatter the slope, the more prone it is to pooling water. Considering that a one-inch pond can weigh 5.2 pounds per square foot, it can put a great strain on the roof. When left unchecked for 48 hours, the roofing system can collapse due to… Read more

Architectural Sheet Metal

We are Proud to add the Able Pump Station in Dallas, TX. (Part of the Trinity River Corridor Project) to our Portfolio. This Standing Seam Architectural Metal & Metal Panel structure is Stunning. And a Sparkling addition to the ever-growing Dallas Architectural Community!

Minimizing Heat Gain: Solar Reflectivity and Your Roof

Your roofing system doesn’t only keep your home safe, cozy and dry all year round; it also helps maintain comfortable indoor temperature. Most roofs nowadays have a high solar reflectance, which helps control heat gain. Alpine Roofing Construction, a residential roofing company in the area, discusses the importance of solar reflectivity to your roof’s performance… Read more

Qualities to Look For in a Roofing Company

Commercial roofs are trickier hardware to work with and address when you compare them with their residential counterparts. Metal roofing for businesses and industries, for example, require a different level of maintenance and care. This unique difficulty means it’s imperative to work with an experienced commercial roofer, whether you’re in need of roof repair, replacement,… Read more

Creative Ways to Reuse Old Metal Roof Material

In the old days, metal was considered an exclusive commercial roofing material. The development in the manufacturing process, however, has made it possible to create metal roofs that can fit residential homes. From 3.7% in 1998, metal roofing systems now account for 14% of the total roofing market. This is a three percent leap from its 11%… Read more

How We Keep Your Commercial Property in Good Condition

As one of Dallas’s premier commercial roofers, Alpine Roofing Construction brings 18 years of commercial roofing experience to your project. Our services are designed to cater to all of your commercial, construction and industrial needs. We discuss how we help you keep your commercial property in good condition throughout the year, with the services we… Read more

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