5 Roofing Red Flags to Keep an Eye On

With Texas’ varied climate, it’s entirely possible your roof may suffer from damage without you even noticing it. How can you maintain a healthy roof and distinguish the red flags that we should eye on? Here are the five roofing red flags to keep an eye on, according to trusted metal roofing experts. 1. Ponding… Read more

Notes on Choosing a Commercial Roofing System

It’s easy to think a roof is just a roof, a component of a building that seems simple enough. The roof, however, carries plenty of weight — literally and figuratively — when it comes to the water-tightness and integrity of a commercial building. Choosing a commercial roof type — and the right commercial roofers —… Read more

Commercial Roof Upkeep: Factors to Consider

A commercial roof needs maintenance, just like a residential roof. Commercial roofers, however, understand that the roofs they build and maintain are also quite different. They’re usually wider, taking more square feet and they may also be positioned higher. Many commercial roofs are found protecting tall buildings. The height is sometimes all the difference, as the… Read more

Ways Winter Can Affect Your Commercial Roofing System

Winter will be in full swing soon, so now is your last chance to take the necessary precautions to keep your commercial roof in top shape through some of the worst weather of the year. While our part of Texas is lucky enough to enjoy fairly mild winters, you can never be too prepared for… Read more

5 Things to Consider When Replacing a Commercial Roof

A new roof can improve your property’s structural integrity, especially if the commercial roofers you work with are bringing it up to code. It is also a capital improvement that will pay off should you decide to sell your property in the future. But before you take steps to tackle this project, we recommend paying… Read more

Why It Pays to Find a Good Roofer

Everyone knows that the roof is one of the most important elements of a home. Replacing it is a big investment that can cost a lot, so you’ll also want to do this before winter hits in the coming months. That’s why it’s wise to find a reputable roofer even before you need a complete… Read more

Why Copper Gutters Are Worthwhile Investments

Copper is the future of both roofing and guttering. It doesn’t harm the environment and has a considerably longer lifespan. So replace your old gutter system with copper gutters from Alpine Roofing Construction. Here, your trusted metal roofing company explains why they are worthwhile investments. Durability and Good Looks Through oxidation, copper gutters form a… Read more

What to Expect From Commercial Roof Inspections

When employing commercial roofers to conduct a roof inspection for your property, you can expect a number of things that yourself or less experienced contractors may miss. Here are some things only certified professionals like Alpine Roofing Construction can take care of for you. Proper Assessment Before anything else, your roofer will need to determine… Read more

How to Pick the Right Type of Flat Roof Coating

Flat roofs are more vulnerable to moisture and UV damage. Roof coatings can help protect your commercial roof from wear and tear and even extend its lifespan. However, choosing the wrong kind of coating can diminish the level of protection they provide. The residential roofing contractors at Alpine Roofing Construction share tips on how to… Read more

How Inspections Differ for Each Type of Flat Roof

No two roofing systems are the same. For one thing, each roof has a different set of weak points. It’s standard practice to inspect these during an inspection. Alpine Roofing Construction, your go-to contractor for all your metal roofing needs, lists the weak points of each kind of roof and their corresponding inspection process below.  Flat Roofs … Read more

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