Alpine Roofing Construction Wins the Pulse of the City Award 2017

Our independent research identifies businesses that deliver on their promise of exceptional service. As top-performers in their industry, Alpine Roofing Construction earned our top 5.00 star customer service rating and the 2017 Pulse of the City News Award for Excellence. We commit to both consumers and businesses to deliver comprehensively researched and accurately reported customer… Read more

Making Texas Proud

Although many people dream of starting their own business, few pursue it and even fewer succeed after they start. Meet the man who made not one, but two businesses a reality—Jeff Folsom, President of Alpine Roofing Construction. After beginning his career in investment banking, Folsom joined the founding team of an internet-based leisure travel company… Read more

Dallas Commercial Roofing – Alpine Roofing Construction

Alpine Roofing Construction with 17 years of experience in commercial roofing is an award-winning  A+ Rated BBB Dallas award-winning Company. We serve Industrial, Commercial and Residential customers throughout not only the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan area but over all of Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. As a locally owned and managed Dallas Commercial Roofing Company we understand the local market and… Read more

How to Identify a Damaged Roof

Performing regular maintenance and inspections on your property can help you identify a damaged roof.   Roofs can become damaged for many reasons, the leading cause of due to storm damage; hail, high winds, snow, and ice can all cause major damage to your roof. If you suspect your property may have a damaged roof, Call Alpine Roofing… Read more

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